The construction sites are always exposed to many prospective accidents and even deaths since the nature of activities performed there is of that kind. In fact the making of scaffolds in the construction sites is something highly necessary for the easier functioning of the construction activities. However the possibilities for injuries and accidents from the scaffolds are high so that proper safety measures must be taken by the concerned authorities regarding the erection, dismantling and scaffolding.

It is very important that all these above mentioned activities should be done only under the guidance and supervision of the qualified person who can easily prevent any kind of errors that is likely to result in danger. Thus the corrections which are necessary to ensure the safety of the platforms can be suggested and implemented by the qualified person. So it is clear that the role of a qualified person in analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of scaffolding is very crucial.

The competent person should also have the authority assigned by the developers of the building to even stop the construction at a particular situation of any kind of danger identified in the structure of working of arena. It is also important to be noted that the protection from falling down from the scaffolds also have to be made by the contraction site owners. The integrity of the scaffolds as well as the measures for easy access to the supporting boards also has to check. There are many specifications and peculiarities for the construction of the scaffolds which should be familiar for the competent person so that he or she can easily identify what is the source of danger.

The selection of the competent person by the builders or developers of the building under construction must be critical enough because mere qualification is not sufficient here. Unless the competent person has enough experience in the job and has got sufficient training under the same can only make viable to face the different situations related to the functioning of the backing frames. This can only make the competent person to know the slight differences in the structure or working of the sets. The inspection prior to the starting of the work has to be strictly done under the supervision of the competent person.

There are many other factors or ground conditions for the proper working of the scaffolds which includes the strength of the building which supports the entire setting or the distance between the electric lines passing nearby or the overhead obstructions. It has to be noted that the minimum distance between the scaffolding and electric lines passing should be a minimum of ten feet. It also includes the measures for protection from the wind conditions as well as weather variations.

The construction sites are incomplete with the scaffolds since they are the supporting structures for the lifting purposes of employees. It is very important to ensure the safety of the scaffolds because there are many incidents in which the workers have faced many accidents and injuries from the scaffolding which are fatal in nature.

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