Air conditioning unit is now among the essential furniture either at home or in office. This is why many households could not seem to exist without it especially during summer when the heat outside seems intolerable. However, it could also add up a lot to your electricity bill. This is also the reason why those who are dealing with tight budget would rather prefer to use the ordinary electric fan than having air conditioning unit at home or in office. The high electricity cost should not stop a household from having an air conditioning unit especially for the summer season. There are actually a lot of ways to make the air conditioning unit energy efficient and cost efficient too. Here are three top tips that might help you with it:

  1. Regular maintenance is a must – the air conditioning unit either at home or in office will definitely run smoothly when it is well maintained. One of the essential ways to maintained it properly is to have it regularly cleaned. It should have a scheduled clean up once a every two months. In this manner you can be sure to avoid any problem that might cost it to use up more energy adding up to your electricity bill.
  2. Turn it off when not in use – just like any other appliances it is important for you to turn the air conditioning unit off when not in use. So, whenever you leave the room, make sure to turn it off especially when there is no one to use it anymore or unless you are going to use it again the soonest.
  3. Set a specific time to use it – it will also help for you to set a specific time for its usage. For instance you will only start turning it on a few minutes before you sleep and set it to automatic shut off after six hours.
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